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Tasty 5 Course Meal with a Great View

Yusho is a Las Vegas restaurant located inside the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino that specializes in tasty Japanese “street” food.

At first glance, the place looks very clean and the decor is modern. We were greeted by a very sweet hostess. She seated us near the back where we could watch people walk by on the strip. It’s always entertaining to see all the walks of life that come to this town. As locals, it’s cool to know that anyone can enjoy Vegas.


First, we ordered the Omakase, a tasting menu, so we could try everything since it’s our first time dining here. It came with pork shoulder, chicken skewers, a small serving of Ramen, a whole lobster, grilled green pepper dish called Shishito, and dessert.

Yusho Dish - Pork Shoulder

The Pork Shoulder was tender and well-seasoned.


Yusho Dessert - Taro Ice Cream

Taro Ice Cream


Yusho Dessert - Carmel Ice Cream

Carmel Ice Cream – HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Typically, this is a 5-course meal. However, for that particular day, the chef hooked us up with A LOT of food. I am sure it’s because they were so slow. Moreover, I believe we were the only people dining there on a Saturday night. To that end, the chef sent us a complimentary Lobster that is featured below.

Yusho Dish - Whole Lobster

This was the best dish – a whole lobster. Messy to eat, but it was great!


If we never received the complimentary lobster dish, I would’ve felt Yusho was overpriced. What’s most noteworthy about this Las Vegas restaurant is the excellent service. Also, the coursed meal was presented in a timely manner. I understand why they were awarded best new restaurant. The ramen was decent. However, I believe there are better places to enjoy a warm bowl of ramen that is more affordable and located off the strip.

Yusho Ramen

Small serving of Ramen. The soup and noodles are good!

Furthermore, you can get most of what’s on the menu for a fairer price that tastes just as good at a restaurant off the strip. But, if you want the experience, then I highly recommend visiting Yusho!


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