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Wahlburgers Located at Grand Bazaars Shop Las Vegas

When I heard the Boston burger joint was coming to Las Vegas, I was ECSTATIC! I waited a month or so before visiting Wahlburgers because I knew it would take some time to create a seasoned staff. Plus, I hate waiting so I was hoping the hype would die down.

As I waited, I read reviews of the place. As I expected, there were service issues because the staff wasn’t ready for the overwhelming crowd. There were plenty of 4-5 star reviews on Yelp as well. So when it came to taste the “best burgers” in Vegas, I was extremely disappointed. Wahlburgers is good, but it isn’t Gordon Ramsay Burgr status. However, for the price this place is decent. The restaurant is located in the Bazaar plaza outside of Bally’s.

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It’s a bit of walk to get to from the parking garage, but it is nice to explore the casino since I hadn’t been there in so long! The restaurant was packed when we got there on a Thursday night. It was a 15-20 minute wait. The hostess hands you a buzzer so you can walk around and enjoy the Bazaar Shopping plaza.

You can try a few samples from chocolate & cookie stores nearby or grab a drink at the bar across from the restaurant. There’s also an option to seat at the Wahlburger’s bar, which is first come first serve.


Once we were seated, we ordered the Our Burger.

The Our Burger

The burger is okay. It’s a simple one with 1/3 lb of meat with lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese with Wahl sauce and pickles on the side. Based on the server’s recommendation, we added the special Wahl sauce on the side.

The burger meat is tender, juicy and seasoned well. However, I should’ve ordered a larger burger so the bread the beef ratio would’ve been better. (Sometimes too much bread makes the burger tasteless).

Next, we tried Mom’s Sloppy Joe: an open-faced sandwich on thick sliced griddled bread smothered with their housemade sloppy joe finished with crispy onions, Paul’s signature Wahl sauce and homemade cheese.

Those tater tots though 😀

Doesn’t that sound freaking amazing?!!? Well, it’s okay. I suspect the food may have been waiting at the window too long because, by the time the dish arrived, the bread was so mushy.

Since it’s an open-faced sandwich, you can’t eat it with your hands without making a huge mess – so make sure you use a fork. Besides the mushy bread that would make anyone gag, the Sloppy Joe tasted amazing with the crispy onions.

We ordered the dish with a side of tater tots and those tots are awesome. I highly recommend ordering this side. It tastes great dipped in the Sloppy Joe sauce. I think had it came out right when it was made, then that the dish would’ve been good.


Wahlburger’s is a great place to enjoy on a budget.

It’s not as expensive as other burger joints on the strip, which is a plus. The meal came out to roughly $11-$13 per person. So the meal with one drink would come out to approximately $30 with sales tax and tip.


Wahlburgers is a sit-down restaurant with table service.

Photo credit Wahlburgers

The service we experienced is good, especially for how busy it was. I recommend not coming here during peak hours. Expect to wait if you come on the weekends.


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