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Are You Sure This Is Vegan?!? – The Best Vegan Food in Las Vegas

When was the last time you’ve heard that phrase? If you’re vegan like me, you probably say it a hundred times a day out loud (and to yourself), constantly double-check labels and triple-check with restaurants. But when was the last time you heard that phrase from a non-vegan?

That is how amazing the food is at Veganos Kitchen.

I can’t tell you how many non-vegans I have heard say this line. I even fooled one of my non-vegan friends who thought the pepperoni pizza was actual pepperoni. He didn’t even notice it was vegan until I told him!

This article will review my experience at Veganos Kitchen from beginning to end and why I consider them to have the best vegan food in las vegas. We’ll talk about my thoughts upon first entering as well as do some quick food reviews. Are you ready to get hungry? Good. Then let’s keep going!

The Venue

Inside Veganos Kitchen - Las Vegas Vegan Restaurant

Let’s chat about this for a second first. They have beautiful art on the walls and the staff were all super friendly. But what were both of these amazing attributes bested by? The food.

The Food

Oh wow is this food just on another level. I ordered the Vegan Pepperoni Pizza, California Burrito, Beyond Burger, 2 Impossible Tacos, and a side of Bread Sticks so let’s talk about those.

  1. Yes, I know that sounds amazing  
  2. It was for 3 people to share! Ok?!

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza: 10/10

vegan pepperoni pizza

Simple, elegant, and AMAZING. The crust was heated perfectly, the cheese was flavorful (and most importantly, vegan), and the taste was just out of this world. If I could give this to a non-vegan who couldn’t tell the difference, we’re looking at a solid 10/10.

Beyond Burger: 8/10

Beyond Burger at Veganos Kitchen

So I did opt for the drink and fries combo which would make this a 9. However, just judging the burger, an 8 is great. It was a beyond meat patty with lettuce, tomato, onion, and house-made dressing. Seriously a great burger still.

California Burrito: 9/10

The California burrito came with pinto beans, fries, lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream and the plant-based meat of our choice (we went with the chorizo of course). First off, it was MASSIVE! This burrito was stuffed to the brim, perfectly rolled, and food wasn’t falling out when I ate it. Hard-pressed not to give this a 10 but I only had a few bites since I was vegan pigging out on the pepperoni pizza.

2 Impossible Tacos: 9/10

Vegan Tacos from Vegan Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas

Oh boy do I love tacos! And this vegan Mexican food did not disappoint! The 2 tacos came with rice, beans, onions, cilantro, lime, and some impossible meat. Again, the size was just awesome. I was surprised at how much bang for your buck you got for these tacos. The spice was just absolutely perfect as well.

Bread Sticks: 10/10

BREAD STICKS!!! An all-time favorite side dish of mine. They gave me some bomb home-made marinara sauce to go with these that just knocked it out of the park. If you’re looking for a side, I’d highly recommend these OR the fries!

So in conclusion, yes, I will definitely be heading back to Veganos Kitchen. Earlier I was actually eyeing their menu and saw a new Mexican Style (Rajas) Pizza with Pasilla pepper that is making my mouth water just thinking about.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review! Stay tuned for more exciting taste tests with Aaron! And until next time: Stay vegan, friends!


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