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Top 5 Types of Pizza to Try

“Where can I find pizza near me?” is probably one of the most common queries asked every day; and with good reasons. Pizza is still one of the most beloved globally-acclaimed dishes, with a whopping $30 billion industry throughout the whole world.

It’s the comfort food that beats all comfort food. The simple foundations of a pizza pie can be customized to hundreds of variations, so it’s very hard to have your fill of it. It’s also something you can eat on the go, which is convenient for the busy population of today. That’s why having a ‘pizzeria near me’ is quite important for many.

Since business is booming, many pizza parlors are spread out in the world, and you can almost always encounter one every few blocks! But, with so many choices to choose from, what should you try first?


Here are some of the best types of pizza to try!

1. Neapolitan

If you’re looking to get the ultimate pizza experience, it’s recommended to try the ORIGINAL pizza at least once. It’s aptly named after the good people of Naples, Italy where this delicious dish originated from. It’s created using Tipo 00 wheat flour (meaning it’s so finely milled that it’s like baby powder) with very minimal toppings like tomato sauce, basil, and mozzarella cheese. The crust is usually baked in a wood-fired oven until it’s thin and crunchy.

Simple and elegant, this dish will definitely win over anyone. If you want to visit Naples to eat the most original form of this dish, why not? But since that’s not the most ‘pizza near me’ place you can go to, Neapolitan is widely available outside of Italy as well.


2. Chicago Deep-Dish

Now, this is a dish that you’ll remember! If you’ve had a long, tiring day and you’re absolutely starving, the Chicago Deep-Dish is worth checking out. The crust is created to look like a saucepan, so its sides mold into an actual deep metal pan. Although the end product is a very thick-looking pizza, in reality, its crust only ranges from medium to very thin.

But, that’s okay since the main star of this delectable dish is none other than its toppings! You can have so many yummy add-ons to your pizza. Curiously, the normal way of baking a Chicago Deep-Dish is opposite from other pizzas. Since cheese easily burns, it isn’t put on top. Instead, all the cheese, vegetables, and meat are placed at the bottom while the tomato sauce is spread all over them to help this yummy stuff cook better.


3. California Style

If you’ve gone to California Pizza Kitchen, then you’ve probably eaten this before. A California Style pizza uses the same finely-milled, thin crust as the Neapolitan, but it has a more unusual medley of toppings.

The uncommon ingredients used in California Style makes it a more luxuriously-tasting variation than its counterparts. So, if you want to feel posh, search for ‘California Style pizza near me’ now. Some ingredients include duck, smoked salmon, ricotta, and many more. If you just want a nice, feel-good variation of this amazing type, the barbecue chicken pizza will satisfy your cravings just as well.



4. New England Greek

If you’re feeling a bit bombarded with the Italian flavors most commonly used in pizzas, then you might want to try out the New England Greek-styled pizzas. Its crust stands between thin-like Neapolitan and thick-like Sicilian so you can say the crust is ‘just right!’

Plus, the toppings on this pie are more Greek-based. So, you’ll get the chance to taste delicious ingredients like feta cheese, olives, and artichokes. This pie is a whole new gastronomic experience.


5. New York Thin-Crust

Last but not the least is the world-renowned New York Thin-Crust. This variation is profoundly ingrained in the culture of the “City That Never Sleeps” that tourists and locals alike can’t seem to go without it. This is the epitome of comfort food!

Its crust is very thin and crunchy like the Neapolitan original. Its toppings are very basic: a thin spread of tomato sauce and a whole lot of grated mozzarella cheese (although most serve it with pepperoni as well). It’s usually meant to be folded over when eaten and is a great snack to eat while on the go (which is why pizza was created in the first place). However, if you don’t live near New York, that’s fine! New York Thin-Crust is still the most commonly-served type of pizza, so, you can get it anywhere. Just whip out your phone and type ‘pizzeria near me.’ Chances are they’re serving this delectable dish near you!

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