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Toddy Shop Review – Indian Street Food in Las Vegas

Toddy Shop – Indian Food in Las Vegas

I came here on a Wednesday night on my way home from work. I was craving Indian food and decided to give Toddy Shop a try. I ordered take out to bring home to the family. I would’ve enjoyed most of the food more had I eaten it there.

Most of the dishes were tasty. Their homemade chips are so GOOOD!  Here’s a little bit of background, the place specializes in making Southern Indian specialty dishes that is often ordered in a bar or on the street.

Now, I don’t know if it’s authentic, but for sure it was different and tasty. It didn’t have the typical Indian food feel you’d get at Indian Palace or Mint such as curry dishes.


This place is located in Inn-Zone Bar. The signs for the Toddy Shop is very small and not very visible for those driving by. I drove around for a couple of minutes looking for a stand-alone restaurant, then realized it was in the bar. It’s all the way in the back and order at a small window.


The menu is limited. I primarily focused on the specialty dishes.

We had the following:

1. Pot of Biriyani:

This is a fragrant basmati, chicken masala, ghee, cashew, raisin and crispy onion. My favorite part of this dish is the basmati and raisins!

2. Queen Karimeen:

I LOVED this dish, but it is messy and you’ll need to be careful because of the spiced rubbed, flash fried Pompano fish has bones in it.

Toddy Shop's Queen Karimeen - Indian Food in Las Vegas

Toddy Shop’s Queen Karimeen – Photo by Live Happy Eat Well

It was so good and went amazing with the house made chips. The best way to eat it is with your hands. It’s huge so you can definitely share this dish with someone.

3. Rajah Masala

This is a mixture of chips and nutty salsa with a nice spicy kick to it.

Toddy Shop's Rajah Masala - Indian Food in Las Vegas

Toddy Shop’s Rajah Masala – Photo by Live Happy Eat Well

I recommend getting this is a starter to share with everyone. It comes with a side of homemade chips you use to dip in the rajah masala.

4. Kothu Parotta:

A multi-layered flaky flatbread with stir fried veggies, chili beef and assorted chips on the side.

Kothu Parotta - Indian Food in Las Vegas

Indian Street Food – Kothu Parotta – Photo by Live Happy Eat Well

The meat of the dish was yummy and I mixed it in with the Pot of Biriyani. The chili beef had a citrus taste to it that went well with the stir fried veggies (primarily broccoli)


The lady who took my order was very nice. She noticed me right when I came up to the window. She guided me through the menu and made her own recommendations.

All the food is made fresh, so expect to wait. It took about 35 minutes for my food to be ready. I recommend having the chips packaged separately so they don’t get soggy if you’re ordering take-out.


This place is a little on the pricey side. For all four dishes, the check came out to roughly $69 with taxes and tip. You can get a stamp card where I can get a free entree after a certain amount of purchases.


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