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The New Yorker Hotel

Excellent Service, Great Location, Super BUSY!

The New Yorker Hotel was everything we had hoped for, except it was extremely busy.

It makes sense because the hotel is located in Time Square with the subway station – 34th and Penn just around the corner. When we first arrived at the hotel after our red-eye flight around 8:00 am, we noticed a lot of people were standing around the lobby.

There was a lot of hustle and bustle happening.

As we approached the front desk, we checked in, but they let us know we would not have a room until after 2:00 pm. My husband and I were a bit freaked out by this statement because we did not want to carry our luggage around the city.

Street view of The New Yorker Hotel

Street view of The New Yorker Hotel Photo by

The Front Desk staff told us we could hold our luggage with the bell desk for free. She was very nice, even though I knew she was stressed and busy, and she took down my phone number to call me when our room was available.

I had told her we were extremely tired from our flight and wanted to rest as soon as the room was available. She kindly assured me she would call me the moment a room became available. We left and went to eat brunch at a nice joint called the Cookshop in Chelsea.

Now here is the part of the story where I knocked a star down for the New Yorker from a ten to an eight.

After brunch, I called the New Yorker to find out if our room was available. The lady on the phone told me there is a room blocked off for us, but it had not been cleaned. She told me I could try my luck and go back to the hotel and, hopefully, by that time the room would be clean and ready for us to check-in. When we got to the front desk, the lady who greeted me was not as pleasant as the person I had originally dealt with at the first check in.

The New Yorker Hotel Lobby

The New Yorker Hotel Lobby Photo by

She told me that a room was probably not available if no one had called me. At one point, she was even hesitant to even check! But I asked her to check if that room was clean and ready for us. She checked and low and behold it was available.

The lady who was going to call when the room was available was busy with a customer and was not able to call me. That was the only bad experience I had with the New Yorker.

Everything else was smooth sailing.

The room was nice and was a decent size. The bathroom was comfortable to move around in. The shower was a bit spotty with the hot water. Sometimes it would run at a nice temperature then get super cold!

Our room did not have a view, but I would imagine the view would have been nice had we been placed in a room that had one. There is a diner there you can eat at, which seems to open pretty late.

There is always a security person to check if someone had a hotel key before letting anyone up the elevators, which means the place is safe! Lots of convention people stay there.

Please be mindful of when you check in.

Use the express check out over the phone when you leave if you don’t need to pay any extra fees or bills. The location was convenient. We were able to get to everywhere within 10-20 minutes by subway. Almost everyone was nice. The room was clean. The decor of the place is great and has a nice jazzy feel to it. I would definitely come back again.

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