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Oh Sterling Brunch, I wanted to love you, but you sorely disappointed me.

My husband, my brother-in-law and I visited Sterling Brunch located at Bally’s Hotel and Casino on a Sunday afternoon. We showed up 10 mins early to our 1:00 PM reservation that I booked over the phone.

(I recommend calling 702-967-7258 because sometimes OpenTable doesn’t have an accurate count of the reservations available.)

Photo credit @Las Vegas Tourism

The hostess seated us at our table right at 1:00 PM, which is a plus. Now let’s talk about the important parts of the experience.


The buffet had limited options. We tried the following:

1. Lobster Tail:

They’re big, juicy and easy to eat. (Look at how big that Lobster Tail is! Accompanied with a side of lobster bisque and caviar.)

This was by far my favorite item to enjoy at Sterling’s. I didn’t dip it in butter. I recommend topping it with caviar instead Yumm!

2. Lobster Bisque:

The bisque is creamy, but don’t let it sit out too long or it’ll get gross. Eat the soup right away or you’ll be disappointed with it.

3. Raw Oysters in a half shell:

Not fresh at all and it had a weird taste to it. Could’ve been the season or we came too late and the good oysters were gone. (This place closes at 2:30 pm)

4. Lamb:

Tender and flavorful, especially when you add the mint julep jelly on top.

Lamb and Prime Rib in the back overshadowed by a delicious Lobster Tail

5. Prime Rib:

The outside is too salty (saltier than other steakhouses I’ve tried). The meat was tender.

6. King Crab Legs:

These things were huge and PRICKLY! It was so hard to crack these to get to the meat. Maybe I’m not a King Crab Leg type of gal.

7. Cocktail Shrimp:

Meh. It’s good, but nothing special.

8. Truffle Mashed Potatoes:

DELICIOUS! It tasted amazing with the lamb and prime rib.

Lobster tail, truffle mashed potatoes and lobster bisque!

9. Caviar:

Tasty, not too salty and it went well with the lobster tail and bread.

10. Filet Mignon with a butter sauce on top:

The meat was perfectly cooked. 🙂

11. Desserts:

The portions were great for tasting. We tried them all. My favorite is the peanut butter one. Sorry I can’t give you more insight on the desserts!

12. Bottomless mimosas:

The champagne is very dry so I recommend if you like a more sweeter champagne, then you should get mimosas.

You can get unlimited OJ and other refreshments as well. (They don’t offer Coke; only Pepsi.) They also served sushi… that was questionable and looked dry.

They were rice packed rolls with limited sushi grade fish inside. You’re better off saving your stomach for the better tasting items like the lobster tail and bisque.


For two people, it came out to $200 with a $40 tip = $240.


I feel like I would’ve been happier with this price had I known what foods to eat or stay away from. When you come here, make sure you drink PLENTY OF WATER so you can drink as much champagne without getting too intoxicated.



Go for the Lobster tail, caviar, shrimp, lamb and prime rib FIRST. However, the food doesn’t taste good when it’s cold. I recommend grabbing two/three things at one time, then bring it back to the table to enjoy while it’s warm. Then go up for another round. Don’t grab everything at once!


The service the primary reason why I didn’t enjoy Sterling. Our server had a very sarcastic and dry sense of humor. I’m not sure why he thought it was okay to keep telling me “no” when I asked for anything while still bringing me what I asked for…

It’s absurd. He didn’t even smile to hint that he was joking each time he did it! He had a mean, aggravated look on his face. If he only did it a few times, then okay.


I have a dry sense of humor. Sarcasm could be my middle name. BUT, there is a time and a place. This server seriously needed to be taught emotional intelligence. He didn’t understand that the entire table was over his antics and “humorous” rudeness. If I ever come back here again, I will make sure to not get this server. When you’re paying this much for a meal, you assume to have a good time. Not feel uncomfortable.


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