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how to perform spoon health test

A Spoon Test That Can Reveal Hidden Health Problems

Admit it, how often do you get a check up from your doctor? Ever cancel an appointment and never get around to rescheduling them?

Well if you’re like me and love life hacks then here’s a simple health test for you. It can help you determine if it’s time to commit to that doctor appointment in a matter of 60 seconds.

Steps to this one-minute health test:

simple spoon health test

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1. Find a clean spoon and scrape your entire tongue. Be sure to soak the spoon with your saliva.

2. Next, put the spoon into a ziplock bag and place the bag under a bright light. Sunlight is ideal, but if you’re indoors, you can substitute it with light from a desk lamp.

3. Let the bag and utensil sit under the light for one minute, then examine the spoon.

4. If there are no stains on your spoon or foul odors coming from the bag, it means that your internal organs are in good shape.

However, if you notice there are colored specks or a weird scent, you’ll want to pay close attention to the following.

If Your Spoon Has An Odor:

  • A foul stench like something is rotting. Then this can signify an issue with your lungs. This smell will be worse than bad breath, which may indicate illnesses that range from a minor infection to something serious like cancer.
  • A sweet or fruity aroma, this may be an indicator of diabetes. When your body is unable to process sugars properly, blood sugar level rise, which leads to cells burning fat in order to produce energy. The fragrance is a byproduct of ketones being processed in the body.
  • Any odor coming from the spoon that smells “fishy” or ammonia-like, may signal failing kidneys.

If Your Spoon Has Stains:

  • A thick white or yellow coating may mean there’s a dysfunction of your thyroid glands. The yellowish color can indicate a buildup of carotene in the body due to a Vitamin A deficiency.
  • Purple stains can be a possible sign of high cholesterol or poor blood circulation in your body. Another condition that this color may indicate is Bronchitis, as the airwaves efficiency to deliver oxygen towards the bloodstream is diminished can create a purple tint.
  • White stains on the spoon may signify a respiratory infection. Several different conditions and viruses can lead to white patches on your tongue.
  • Orange stains can be caused by carotene-like deposits which is an indication of Chronic kidney disease. The tissues in your mouth can also appear pale due to anemia.

If you notice any stains or smells on the spoon be sure to visit a health care professional to investigate further and seek the medical attention that you may need

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