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The Shack Stack Will Change Your Life for a Reasonable Price!

Shake Shack Las Vegas is a fan favorite for many burger lovers.

There are vegetarian options like the Shroom Burger available as well. Currently, there are two locations, which I’ve only been to the one at the New York New York hotel.

FYI – NY NY Hotel charges for parking unless you have an M Life card. Also, the location of the restaurant requires you to walk through the entire casino so be prepared to walk at least 10-15 minutes to get to Shake Shack.

shake shack las vegas

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Since the location is right on the strip, it’s always packed. When we first walked in, there was a long line (at least 20+ people in front). However, there were plenty of cashiers so we didn’t wait very long. As you’re waiting, there’s a large menu on the wall you can review.


The food is delicious!!! I ordered the Shack Stack, cheeseburger with the Shroom Burger combined.


I would never want to eat another burger unless it has the fried portobello mushroom in it. LOL

Shake Shack Las Vegas - Shack Stack Burger

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Additionally, we ordered a side of fries that were meh – nothing epic or special. For dessert, we got the custard with red velvet mix in it. This is very good and I highly recommend it. Also, you can order beer and wine that is super overpriced and soda drinks.


The interactions with the workers are fairly short. The woman who took our order was nice. She was patient with us as we asked many questions about the menu and her opinion on the food.

After you place your order, you receive a buzzer to alert you when your meal is ready to be picked up at the window. Moreover, you grab your own condiments, napkins, drinks, and utensils. Further, if you want to stop by only for the custard, I recommend waiting in the short line outside. There is an express window for the custard.


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The place is loud. Also, you’ll encounter drunk folks coming here, especially on the weekends. It’s great for kids since they can be as loud as they want. There’s outside seating as well. The set up is organized and well-kept. I recommend having someone in your party grab a table right when you walk in because seats get snatched up very quickly!


Fairly priced. The burger, fries and dessert I ordered came out to approximately $20.


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