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Local Las Vegas Flower Shop Donates Hundreds of Flowers to First Responders

Local Las Vegas Flower Shop Donates Hundreds of Flowers to First Responders

Death, murder and mayhem have predominantly been at the top of the headlines, across the States over the last two decades. Communities with an otherwise spotless record of such acts of terrorism are now seeing an increase in these heinous crimes.

Earlier in October, the people of Las Vegas were rocked by the scenes of gunfire and bleeding bodies at the Route 91 Harvest Festival venue. More than 500 people were injured and over 50 people were killed. The Mass shooting affected many people; not only those hurt in the incident and their family members but the unsung heroes who cared for them as well.

Hundreds of flowers were donated by Tiger Lily Floral, to the nurses of Valley Hospital and UMC Medical Center.

HOPE Counseling Delivering Flowers To Nurses with Tiger Lily Floral

The award-winning flower shop has been in business since 1987. They joined forces with volunteers from H.O.P.E. Counseling Services, to affix various flowers on the car tops of hospital staff members. The initiative took three weeks after many volunteers worked arduously to design and arrange scores of fresh flowers. They were then delivered to the various hospitals. You can only imagine the surprise and love that was inspired by this gesture.

Clinical Director at H.O.P.E. Counseling Services, Katherine Moldovan, said that they were moved to help the nurses after hearing about the emotional stress of having to go through such an ordeal. She highlighted that they were examples of courage and deserved to have hope of a better tomorrow.

Acts of such horrific nature take an emotional toll of all involved in saving lines. From the doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers to the fire and rescue team. They run the risk of dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), after witnessing such tragedy. It is important that they receive help now to process the incident so that the signs do not appear later.

Owner of Tiger Lily Floral, Debbie Hottensen, noted how brave the first responders were and how the community came together afterward to heal. She also highlighted the fact that flowers heal people and would rejuvenate them emotionally. This act was intended to spread happiness and love, in such difficult times.

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