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Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Calluses

If you walk too much or move barefoot very often then you might surely notice some raised thickened skin bumps that pain. These are calluses that are formed due to the friction and pressure on the skin. These are generally noticed on the feet and can be really painful. It is better to take preventive measures if you notice a small bump. However, if you already have one that is making you uncomfortable, it is suggested to visit a doctor. They will suggest you some medication and the best callus remover topical creams so that you can get relieved.

You should wear gloves if they are on your palms, and cover your heels with socks. Try to keep the affected area moisturized so that skin remains soft preventing it from irritation and further cracking. 

How to get rid of calluses?

Soak your feet in warm water

You should do this procedure every night. Soak your affected feet in the bucket containing warm water and mix some baking soda to it. This will help to break down the dead skin cells of callus. The warm water is very helpful in removing the fungal infection from that area.

Apply lactic acid

Before going to bed, apply the foot cream which contains lactic acid after drying the callus area. Keeping it overnight will result in breaking down of dead skin cells. You should wear socks after applying the cream as that will nourish your feet and also prevent it from gunk. These creams get absorbed by your skin quickly.  

Purchase a callus remover

The callus removers have made it convenient for you to get rid of callus. As you get up in the morning use them before taking the shower. When you use them, you will see that dried dead skin gets removed. Using them smoothes the surface.


As the callus tends to appear again on your skin, it is better to take good care of your skin after callus is completely removed. Get nutrient rich foot cream to keep the area moisturized. Before buying look at the contents; they should contain calendula, vitamin E, beeswax, and shea butter.

What are the things you can use to treat callus?

Pumice stone – Pumice stone is quite helpful if the callus affected area is the foot heel or the elbow. After soaking them in warm water, you should gently rub the area with a pumice stone in circular motion.

Castor oil – It is a natural lubricant to make the callus soft. You can directly apply it or can mix some quantity in warm water in which you are going to soak the feet.

Lemon juice and Baking soda – Lemon juice is an acid component and baking soda is sodium hydrogen carbonate. When they both are combined together in warm water, their reaction helps to remove callus easily from your skin. Tea tree oil – Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial. Add few drops to the bucket of warm water and soak your feet in that till the callus gets soft.


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