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Cornish Pasty in Downtown Las Vegas

We went here on a Tuesday night with my husband and two friends. It was an interesting experience with a few hit and misses.

The place is located on Main street in Downtown. The parking is limited and away from the location (street parking primarily) so be prepared to walk if it’s busy!

The place has a dark bar setting with cool black/white photos of Irish children. It definitely pays homage to their culture that started pasties to begin with.

Photo credit @Eater Vegas


We had the following dishes:

Scotch Egg

It’s hardboiled egg wrapped in sausage & breadcrumb with honey mustard.

This was an interesting dish, but it’s okay. I wouldn’t order this again. The egg tasted over cooked and dry. I’m more of a runny yoke type of gal, so I don’t think this was a good dish for me to try.

Cream of Tomato with Crouton Soup

I love love love this soup. It’s SO TASTY! It was rich, creamy and warm, which was perfect since it was really cold outside. I would come back to try this again.

The Oggie Traditional Pasty

This Pasty comes with steak, potato, onion & rutabaga (swede) with a side of red wine gravy.

Oggie Pasty at Cornish Pasty Las Vegas

Photo by LiveHappyEatWell

The red wine gravy is amazing!!! Whatever pasty you decide to order here, you NEED TO GET THIS!

If I could add this to ever carb dish I had, I would. lol The Oggie pasty by itself is good, but it’s a little dry without the red wine gravy.


I only finished half of mine. I reheated it in the oven the next day and it was still tasty.

Oven Chips with Garlic and Jalapeno

These are hand cut British style chips cooked in the oven seasoned with cracked pepper & sea salt.

Oven Chips with Garlic and Jalapeno at Cornish Pasty Las Vegas

Photo by LiveHappyEatWell

I’m not sure if the kitchen messed up, but the chips we received were soggy. I enjoy more crisp fries so we didn’t eat much of it.

If you enjoy soggy fries, then I would recommend this dish for you. People at the table also ordered the Guinness Stew and Cajun Chicken. I didn’t try it, but the person who ordered it said it’s yummy.


They had a lot of beers on draft and a full bar.

Photo credit Swag Brewery

I would definitely come back here to drink the hard ciders again. 🙂


All the items were reasonably priced. Everything was around $9-10 a pasty.

The cup of soup was $4. I’d say Cornish Pasty is about $15-$30 a person depending on what you order.


We were greeted and seated the moment we came in. Our server did an excellent job checking on our table to make sure we’re okay.

He also gave recommendations on the menu items based on his preference and not the highest priced item. Our order came out correctly and within a timely manner. 🙂


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