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Classic Cher Concert – The Woman Who’s Done It All

When my best friend asked me if I’d like to see the Classic Cher Concert at the Park Theatre, I didn’t think twice before saying “HECK YEA!!!”

My goodness, I’ve been in love with Cher since I first heard her sing with her late ex-husband Sonny “I’ve Got You Babe.” There’s something so captivating with her deep voice. She always creates such catchy and entertaining songs that make your hips move and start doing the hustle. 😀



The concert was on a Friday night. Cher was only 10 minutes late to appear on stage. She started the concert 40 feet off the stage on a small swing. She looked GORGEOUS! Her outfit was sparkly, shiny and her hair was in a fabulous afro.

During the show, in between songs she would engage with the audience to tell funny stories. Of course, she told her iconic Dr. Pepper story. If you’ve never heard it, click here to see a clip.

Each song was filled with a new set on stage. One moment it was a circus act, the next it was a disco party and the next was a sweet tribute to Memphis (her hometown). It was a continuous variety act with Cher coming in and out with a new outfit. She’s still got it even though she’s 70!

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It seems like mother nature has not touched this goddess and let this diva keep her body tight and voice on point. One of my favorite moments was when she sang “I’ve Got You Babe” duet with Sonny featured on a huge screen on stage! Like I said, I’m in love with that song.

Classic Cher Concert

Finally, she ended the concert with “Believe” and shook the hands of everyone in the front row. I LOVED seeing Cher. Her concert was fun, exciting and there was never a dull moment. She’s an epic entertainer who’s captivated the world through her powerful voice, acting and persona for six decades. I will be so sad when she goes!

If you’ve never seen Cher, then you need to do yourself a favor and go see her NOW! Before it’s too late.


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