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Best Ramen in Las Vegas!

Thanks to my brother-in-law we were able to find THE Best Ramen in Las Vegas for a reasonable price!

I love love love Fukumimi Ramen!

I wish I lived closer to it so I can enjoy an $8 bowl of Ramen every day. The restaurant is located on Tropicana and Eastern in the Tropicana East Shopping Center. There is ample parking, but the restaurant is small. It can fit probably 30 people with bar seating.

We visited on a Wednesday night around 6:30 PM. It was slightly packed, but we beat the rush. When we were done eating there were at least 11 people waiting by the door to get seated or pick up their to-go food.


The ramen here is so good! Not only are the noodle delicious, the soup is tasty, but not salty. There’s also a spicy paste that gives Caliente lovers the kick they’ve been searching for in their Ramen dishes. You can order the spicy paste on the side or have the Chef add it in.

We had the following dishes:

1. Karaage Chicken ($3.90):

The chicken came out fresh and crispy. It’s the best I’ve had in Las Vegas!


Karaage Chicken - fukumimi ramen in las vegas

Photo by Live Happy Eat Well

2. Honey Garlic Chicken ($4.90):

Gosh this Honey Garlic Chicken is what I dream about on a Friday night. It’s so gooood. Whatever they cook this sauce in is bomb.

honey garlic chicken - fukumimi ramen in las vegas

Photo by Live Happy Eat Wel

3. Tonkotsu Ramen Salt ($7.50):

The soup was tasty and not overly salty. You won’t walk out swollen and dehydrated for all the sodium you consumed like most ramen places. This bowl comes with thin noodles.

Tonkotsu Ramen Salt - fukumimi ramen in las vegas

4. Fukumimi Ramen ($8.20):

This is the ramen I had and it’s my FAVORITE! I would come back to eat it again all day errrr day. 🙂

It’s a big bowl with a lot of pork belly chashu so I recommend sharing this. The chasu pork is so soft and fatty. You’ll never experience chashu pork like this ever again unless you’re at Fukumimi.

fukumimi ramen las vegas

5. Curry Rice Regular Size ($6.50):

This was my least favorite dish, but it was good. The curry is well seasoned on top of rice. I think there was too much rice and the curry lacked chicken.

Curry Rice - fukumimi ramen in las vegas


You can dine here for under $10 and leave satisfied. The value for this place is awesome and I would recommend anyone dining on a budget to come here.


Service was sub-par because they were understaffed. The girl who was taking care of us forgot to bring us water for 10 minutes. She also took care of other people’s orders that came in after us.These people were sitting at the bar so I think they were in her view more. That was a little annoying, but I’ll let it slide because the food was THAT good.

Happy Dining!


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