Today's Date:June 14, 2024

Pho 79 in Garden Grove, CA – BEST Pho in AMERICA! :-)

Enough said. Just kidding, I have more to say.

However, I do feel the statement in the title sums up our experience at Pho 79.

Pho 79 is a Vietnamese restaurant in Garden Grove, California. They’re famous for serving Oxtail Pho.

My family and I’ve visited Pho 79 three times. Each time, the restaurant was sold out of the Oxtail Pho.

However, we did receive a tip that they serve the first batch at 11 am on weekdays and it usually runs out within 2 hours because it’s THAT good.

Keep that in mind if you decide to visit Pho 79!


We ordered a large Pho w/ bo tai, nam, gua and gan (sliced rare steak, flank, fatty brisket and tendon).

The broth was very tasty and authentic. It also had a generous amount of meat, noodles and broth. The slice rare steak was tender. The fatty brisket and tendon were huge and balanced the meal with its fatty flavors.

Additionally, the large bowl of pho is large enough for two people to share! I didn’t try the appetizers, but from what I saw at other people’s tables it looked good!


For one large bowl, the total bill with tax came out to $11.95, which is an excellent value!


This place is CASH ONLY, so remember to bring those dollar bills.


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