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4 Hidden Gem US Beaches You Should Make Your Next Trip To

America is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches. However, when you want to escape the crowds, you can choose a beach destination that is tucked away from the masses. Here are four hidden gem beaches that should make any traveler’s bucket list:

Carova Beach, North Carolina

If you are looking for seclusion, check out Carova Beach. This Outer Banks community is known for its remoteness as its accessible by boat and four-wheel drive vehicles. The majestic wild horses that run loose are also a big draw for this idyllic paradise. Despite its isolation, the area offers convenient access to a variety of restaurants, lodging, and shopping opportunities. After a day of playing in the sand and surf, you can relax with the family with a seafood dinner.

Source: Currituck

Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach is the perfect home base for exploring all of the wonders of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Although the area boasts a number of interesting things to see and do, Orange beach is famous for its deep sea fishing. Fishermen delight in the abundance of marlin, tuna, red snapper, wahoo, and more. When you need to get out of the water, the Wharf family entertainment district has you covered with hours of fun activities, shopping, and dining.

Source: Emerald Coast by Owner

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Often neglected on many travel bucket lists, the beaches of the Pacific Northwest offer some of the most pristine landscape in the country. Located on the scenic Oregon coast, Cannon Beach delivers a beautiful sandy shore set up against the rocky coastline. The iconic Haystack Rock jets out of the water to welcome visitors to this idyllic coastal town. The quiet vibe is ideal for those looking to escape to a peaceful refuge.

Source: Wander with Wonder

Pismo Beach, California

With millions of people flocking to the California beaches each year, it can be challenging to find those that are away from the hustle and bustle. Located along the central coast of the state away from the action of San Francisco and Los Angeles is the oasis of Pismo Beach. This wide beach is set against the dramatic backdrop of towering cliffs. Visitors enjoy digging for clams and watching the resident sea otters.

Source: TimeOut

When you want to get off the beaten path to explore some of America’s most untouched beaches, be sure to consider these four hidden gems. The only thing left to do is sit back and relax!

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