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3 Food Adventures to Take in California

It is no surprise that a state as diverse as California is also a haven for foodies looking to experience a smorgasbord of flavors. The availability of fresh seafood combined with the melting pot of cultures makes California a world-class dining destination. With so many amazing options to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your selections. Here are three of the top food adventures to try while visiting California.

San Francisco Food Tours

San Francisco has a long-standing reputation as a culinary paradise. This international city features a variety of ethnic and local flavors set against the dramatic backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge. The city has capitalized on its reputation as a foodie destination by furnishing a wide range of food tours. According to Avital, visitors can choose their tour based on specific locations in the city such as North Beach, China Town or the Mission District. You can also choose your food adventure based on a specific genre or flavor profile. Whatever you decide, you’ll be guaranteed to receive a personalized experience with each bite.

Disney Theme Parks

While most people do not consider the Disneyland Resort as a dining destination, the two theme parks actually offer a cornucopia of mouth-watering food and drink that exemplifies the gold standard of Disney theme park dining experiences. The three Disney-owned and -operated resorts offer exclusive dining options such as the whimsical Goofy’s Kitchen character meal at the Disneyland Hotel or the premium chef’s table experience at the Napa Rose restaurant located at the luxurious Grand Californian Hotel. The Downtown Disney entertainment complex features a vast array of dining and drinking opportunities designed to please every person’s tastes and budget. According to Park Savers, all the sit-down restaurants within the theme parks require reservations and so it’s a good idea to make them in advance when you are planning your trip.

San Diego Delicacies

Besides enjoying the stunning sun and surf, visitors to San Diego delight in experiencing authentic Mexican food. Its location along the border of Mexico provides for dining experiences that perfectly express the culture and food of that country. San Diego also boasts its own brand of unique food offerings. According to Thrillist, items to consider trying include the famous California burrito, fish tacos and acai bowls. Of course, all of this food tastes so much better when sitting outside taking in all of the vibrant San Diego sunshine.

Nobody will ever go hungry while visiting California. With so many delicious items to try, the only challenge will be making room for all of the marvelous fare.

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